How do I get over a guy that lost interest in me?

Before his distance, he always sat near me, flirted, helped me out, would scare me from behind a lot, and checked up on me. I’m aware that other people around him teased him for liking me (Can’t believe grown ass adults still doing middle school shit💀) but basically made fun of him for having a girlfriend when he never asked me out.

Later he became more and more distant and it became difficult to talk to him. In person it’s back and forth, we would sometimes have nice conversations like before, or he doesn’t wanna be around me. When I text him he doesn’t respond at all now, he just leaves me on seen and when I ask him about it in person he always says he was busy.

He also know my brother, and from what my brother told me (this happened months ago) the guy actually wanted to ask me out but assumed my brother wouldn’t be happy with it (He didn’t mind if I dated him) but the guy was scared the relationship would end bad.

I would ask him out myself but the way he’s acting now, I don't know. He’s a bit stubborn too and it’s just hard to talk to him now. I hate that I lost him as a friend and I feel like it’s my fault for not talking to him more because I’m a very shy person.

How do I move on from him? I feel like he hates me now and I don’t wanna look desperate by trying to force something that isn’t there anymore.
How do I get over a guy that lost interest in me?
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