Should I get back with him?

Just over a month ago my boyfriend left me to "work on himself". In his mind even though we broke up he had every intention of returning but I told him when he left that I needed to look after myself and wouldn't sit around waiting for him, and just that whatever happens happens.
Throughout the weeks we weren't together he'd message me that he was scared of losing me (confusing since he broke up with me), and ask to hang out. I'd ask what he wanted and he would say that he didn't want to get back together at that point he just missed hanging out. I told him it was too hard and I was trying to move on and he'd reply with passive agressive messages.
He's now turned around and is ready to get back together and is guilting me by telling me I've given up on him and that I've "got my walls up". I'm just scared to open up and trust him again so I'm holding back a little. He has anger issues and a temper which he has told me he's worked on (in 5 weeks which seems pretty quick to me). Before we broke up he could be quite cold and would get angry at me when I didn't look after myself (working too much, not eating, stressing too much etc).

My issue is that I do love him, and I hate to give up on anyone, so I'm not sure what to do.
Any advice or perspectives?
Should I get back with him?
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