Is it ok for a woman to reach out? or will I be considered weak and then rejected?

I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and four months a week ago. It ended badly. He moved out. We have had no contact since. I felt in the end that it was very one sided. He gets angry and quite hurtful when arguing. I felt he left me to do everything as far as bills etc. Since he left I have really had some honest conversations with myself. I know he was right with a lot of things , especially that I should have cleaned more and been more solution minded to problems but I have been so tremendously depressed losing both my jobs since covid. So did he but I felt he was more focused on my faults than working on himself. He never introduced me to any of his family. I felt he was doing his own thing in the end. I also have a problem with how he communicate. He think I am too soft and emotional but I don’t see why I should have to listen to harsh words whenever we argue. He also thought I was needy which I could not understand at the time because I gave him space etc. I never asked for anything. I now understand that I have been so focused on this relationship to work that it has come across as needy and ENERGETICALLY I probably came across as needy. And what we want is what we don’t get right in a dynamic like that. Should I reach out? Or will I just appear even more needy? I am a very self reflective person. I try to be understanding and work through my own issues. I am not blaming him if anything I blame the stress of lockdown and the people we turned into. I am heartbroken it turned out the way it did. I am very emotional and he is very logical. I wonder if he ever cared for me at all. I had honestly hoped he would have reached out for us to talk. I really love him. It just the tone when we argue. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar afterall. Is there ever a point where a woman can reach out to a man after a break up or should I wait for him to do it? And if he don’t just feel miserable until I eventually get over it?
Is it ok for a woman to reach out? or will I be considered weak and then rejected?
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