What does her actions mean or can possibly mean?

So just a little backstory, I've known this girl for quite awhile now and we've been friends for a little over two years. I confessed to her after 7 months cuz I realized I started having feelings for her, but she politely told me she doesn't want to do long-distance and can't due to her current situation at the time (it was getting towards the end of her toxic relationship which ended a month or two after this). I felt embarassed that I forgot about her situation and told her that I didn't expect anything out of this and that I just felt the need to tell her and that this felt like the opportunity to do it.

Anyways fast foward, we became closer and at one point, she said that I was one of the closest people she knows. We play games together with other close friends of hers, talk in dms, and group voice calls. She knows I still like her, but currently she's spending the time to work on her career ever since she ended her toxic relationship, so she's not ready to put time in to dating yet.

She's naturally has a flirty personality, but I don't feel like she's ever that flirty towards me, though towards others is different. Mostly it's the opposite where she'll act "mean" towards me, reject/doubt most of my compliments, tries to make me feel awkward knowing that I'm an introvert, and I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like she subconsciously forgets I'm there sometimes in group settings. She does vent to me about some tnings, asked for advice, and invites me things.

Look, I don't care, well I'll care a little bit, but not to the point where I just drop the current relationship we have just because. That's just being petty. I just wanna know what I can interpret from her behavior.
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This topic is girls behaviors, I don't know why the app chose divorce.
What does her actions mean or can possibly mean?
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