He left me and went. Will he come back?

By this month starting my husband and I had a big fight whole night and I spoke harshly out of frustration and the following day he tried to leave home but I caught his specs and bag. I wanted to hug him instead but as my parents were there I couldn't do it. He left to his home and not yet back. His parents are also angry on me and planning to separate us. We are just 3 months married and I am pregnant and he knows it. He has blocked me in all media except Viber. I asked him sorry a lot but he is not replying or blocking me in Viber. Though its arranged marriage we loved so much and married. He has also acted in many situations harshly and has beat me but I didn't take it serious as I know he is doing out of anger and not from heart. But he is not understanding me that I spoke all out of anger and not from heart. Its more than 20 days with no reply from him what he has decided. Our relatives are trying to arrange a counseling for us and he and his parents are denying. He remains silent when question about baby is asked. I don't get a chance to meet and speak to him also.

What can I do in this case?
He left me and went. Will he come back?
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