Girls, Ladies, how do you get over mean things your ex said about you?

So long story short I can't seem to shake the mean things that my ex said about me out of my head. Mind you I don't give a damn about him he was cruel in how he broke up with me (blindsided)... it's just when someone says something about your appearance for some reason it sticks.
Things he said:
once while looking in my eyes "you have old eyes... your eyes look so old.."
"your ass seems like it's getting smaller
"you should talk to my cousin she knows how to do eyebrow tattoos then you won't have to use pencil"... then he tried to smudge my brow while laughing
"you gain weight.. you used to have a flat stomach" (however infront of his family in dinners he would tell me to eat because I was looking too thin)
"your fake hair bothers me when I sleep beside you" said while laughing (my hair was in box braids with extensions)
"you should go to my dentist they will fix your teeth and make them extra white like paper"
"stop doing your own nails... go to the salon or my cousin can do it professionally for you

Because of his comments, at times I feel bad about myself and that maybe no one will like me. It's messed up to feel this way, before I met him I really loved myself, took care of my self and felt great... and here comes this guy who would take cheap shots at me and I can't get those words out of my head
Girls, Ladies, how do you get over mean things your ex said about you?
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