Ex, blocked me after an argument?

Long story short we broke up and his friend was making indirect statuses on fb so Id do it be after a while when I got tired of it. The guy literally makes indirect stats about a lot of people and has drama with a lot of people.

So I reached breaking point and made a Craigslist ad. Nothing happened then my ex told me his friends were talking about what I was posting and how I'll attract the wrong attention. He never said who, so I made a post asking whoever it was to stop going back to him telling him... The petty friend must've had a guilty conscience and thought it was about him and made a status then claimed that on the live, with my ex backing him.

So I told him it was shitty to do and that his friend had been posting shit for months and I wasn't going to shut up. I told him, his friends starting stuff is how people get killed. A little later he blocked me and he even took his female friends side after she claimed I messaged her and deleted it, even though i showed him proof.

He's toxic trying to call me toxic because I finally reacted to the disrespect and then lied the whole time. Why block me when he's the issue and I had stopped messaging him after the last message sent?
Ex, blocked me after an argument?
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