Can I get my ex back? If you think I can, any advice on how?

Okay, at risk of sounding pathetic and desperate just bear with me for a quick sec.

My ex & I have a complicated history, but with more good than bad. We had been together off & (mostly) on ~6 years since high school to now being college grads & starting our lives. In 2019 he cheated on me, so I left & moved on. I dated someone else for awhile. Before, during, & after that relationship my ex fought for me & became my dream guy. However, after trying really hard for ~7 mos. my feelings just couldn't get to where his were. We had a mature talk where I told him I needed space & time completely alone to see if I even could get to a place where I could be in love with him again after all the pain. He blocked me on almost all forms of social media, not to be petty but because seeing me was too much for him. He started to just focus on himself. But before we went our own ways he did tell me that if I was ever on the same page as him to not hesitate & come back.

Flash forward to now, my feelings for him came back ~8 mos. after we split & like he asked me to I reached out. However, roles are now reversed where I'm the one in love and he still loves and cares for me but says he isn't "in love" with me anymore. We spent his birthday last month together & to be honest I hadn't seen him that happy since probably our "honeymoon phase". Due to long distance (~200 miles) we decided to just be friends and see where it goes since we can't physically be together.

We got into a fight (1 wk. ago) after I saw him drifting into old habits, & he said he wanted nothing to do with me anymore & blocked me on everything (I'm respecting that & not going to fight it since he obviously has his reasons for forcing space). After being in his shoes back in 2019, for different reasons, I know what he's feeling right now. I just don't know if I should wait it out and fight for him because he truly is the love of my life despite the mistakes he made when we were younger or bite the bullet & leave.
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The night we got into the fight he met a girl & they are "talking" (not the first time he ran to someone else right after a big fight between us & he always would come back). However, this is a bit different since we have gone much longer apart than we ever have before. I'm hoping for some unbiased opinions since all my friends/family keep telling me he'll come back bc he always has before. I'd rather hear honest opinions/advice than hold onto false hope (which I'm worried is what I'm feeling).
Can I get my ex back? If you think I can, any advice on how?
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