Why is my ex hostile towards me and angry when he's moved on from me?

he's moved on flirting with new girls, probably did it while we were dating. He was manipulative and lied and tried to guilt me into feeling like I was the cause of our relationship failing.

Yet he mention how there was obviously anger between us, which is true. He claimed I supposedly hurt him and said some hurtful things to him when we were dating. Which I acknowledged and apologized for. Actually apologized while we were dating.

I mentioned how he wasn't innocent and he'd get defensive and say he's not playing therapist with me and on another occasion he'd just ignore that and mentioned something else. He's moved on, so wtf does it matter. He's playing victim when he played a part and I was literally giving him what he dished out to me. He even messaged me on Snapchat about a photo that was saved, I unsaved it and he claimed it was still there.

I told him to unfriend me because we don't talk on there or don't look and goodbye. He said there's no point in unfriending and I replied, he unfriended me and didn't even read the message lol. Then messaged me two weeks after asking about him deleting my number, which I ignored. I need to talk about it to keep my sanity and until I can speak to my therapist.
Why is my ex hostile towards me and angry when he's moved on from me?
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