What's the best part about divorce?

Whats the best part about divorce?
Since divorce is so popular and skyrocketing I start to believe people either marry foolishly or have fun in divorcing. I sort of believe more in the latter since I know people, who voluntarily gave up the middle class lifestyle in order to be downshifting and living like the poor under inhuman conditions (along with their kids).
Receiving alimoney, house and/or car (child custody and child support - if applicable)
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Getting rid of the asshole/bitch, that used to be married to
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Termination of legal obligations and liabilities
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An easier time to meet, see, date and have sex with others again and do as I please
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It's not about the divorce, it's about sending a message: Telling society and religion to sod off
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Downshifting and living worse than before is the best part of it
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What's the best part about divorce?
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