Is he confused or is he really done for good this time?

So my ex and I dated for 11 and a half years before breaking up over a dumb argument. He said back then he was never coming back. Well about 2 years later he did come back and wanted to work on our relationship. We had a planned pregnancy and I'm now 8 months pregnant. He is really excited about our baby and wants to be involved, but he now is playing hot and cold. Not sure if he wants a relationship. Saying he's not ready for a relationship. His friends are telling me he is confused and doesn't know what he wants. Well I found out that he is messing around with other girls. I should add we are not together anymore again so he is free to do that. It's the whole breadcrumbing me that's annoying. I talked to him about what's going on and asked if he was coming back and he said he doesn't know what the future holds. I told him he always says that and by the way he is acting it doesn't look like he is so your not are you. And he said probably not. Is he serious this time? Is he just scared? Did he just say that to not hurt my feelings? I asked him why he kept flirting with me and making me think he was coming back and he said because at the time he thought he was. He was doing all that 4 days ago. Now he has been quite and distant. I really hate this game playing and just want to know if he really is done for good this time or if he will come around after baby is born.
Is he confused or is he really done for good this time?
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