An abusive relationship or not?

A girl marry a guy who she met on a matrimonial website during lockdown and they use to talk over phone from day one she told about all her past story from childhood including her 2 broken relationship and the guy accepted everything and married her. After marriage he searched her phone and found many things of her past that are not relevant in there present life and he started beating her.. And he started to find mistake in all the things she do and talk and tries to be superior and beaten her often still she is feeling love for him and she had a great feeling that one day he will understand her and become better and finally one fine day she decided to go away from her husband as her arms got injured when her husband hitted her badly. Her family and relatives are telling her to go for a divorce but still she is Missing him and have a second thought of whether to forgive him... What would be a right decision?
An abusive relationship or not?
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