My girlfriend resents me?

She puts me down, opposes every little statement i make, makes fun of my values, religion and beliefs and later say she was only jocking. She withholds affection nor attention, acts cold when taking my calls. She won't even say thank you when i do something nice for her.

She's been doing this for a year and half now, 6 months ago i told her to take time and let me know when she has forgiven me and she contacted me 4 months later saying she regrets how she treated me and she felt my pain, but now she's still putting me through the same thing

The reason behind this anger is because, when we met i wasn't ready for a relationship as i had not healed enough from a past relationship. So, i sincerely asked her to give me some time while i go sort my life out. I understand why she was angry as it made her feel like she wasn't enough for me.

But i kept my word and came back to her 3 months later when i was healed.. i didn't rush her to take me back, i was willing to work hard to win her heart and trust back.

So i did everything a boyfriend would do for his girlfriend. I took her out, bought her gifts, spent time with her, kept contact, took her to her doctor's appointments after she was in the accident. I was with her through all the healing.

But not a single day did she appreciate any of my efforts. It just feels like she's revenging herself.
When i told her how i felt she said this is the best she could do. I know that she's gona make feel guilty if i ever try to leave. But this is not healthy for me
My girlfriend resents me?
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