Does he really need space (as he says) or he wants a breakup?

When I started dating my boyfriend, he mentioned that he had cyclothymia and that he had mood swings more frequently than the other people do, and I thought he was just exaggerating as we were joking before that. Two months later, he ghosted me and I thought he was not interested. 1-2 months later, he returned and said he was scared of me leaving him, so he preferred to be the one who leaves first. We started dating again and I had to go abroad for a few months. Everything was great until he started feeling very depressed and I noticed he was irritated by the long distance.
Last week he told me he needs space from everyone, not just me, and he deleted all his accounts on social media and told me he didn't want to talk to me for a while. I asked him if he was breaking up and he said he didn't mean that. He just needs a break from everything and everyone and it will be temporary. But yesterday I noticed he is posting on his Twitter and he was online on his WhatsApp. I texted him on WhatsApp and told him if he wanted to break up, I could totally understand and it is ok. He didn't even read my message, and he was online the whole time.
Now my question is: Is that really a temporary mental condition, or is he just trying to break up? I really like him. He is very smart and caring. I could get along with his mood swing if he talks to me very seriously about that and makes it clear that our relationship is not the problem. But I am feeling that he is just using this condition as an excuse, and I know that I might be wrong. Anyone ever experienced dating someone with cyclothymia?
Does he really need space (as he says) or he wants a breakup?
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