My boyfriend and I broke up recently and I want to get back together?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up. For me, it was incredibly random. We seemed so happy together, we never fought (and we did we always resolved it), we truly had something really special.

Throughout the entire relationship, I noticed a bit of commitment issues. It wasn’t that he wasn’t open to commiting, it just took him awhile to get to certain points in our relationship (ex: being exclusive, titles etc).

He was in a 5 year relationship and they broke up 3 years before we met, when we met he was actively dating other people and on dating apps, 7 months after meeting we became exclusive. He clearly had plenty of time to play the field and I made sure not to rush him because his commitment issues we’re pretty prevalent.

He has this personality where he’s always wondering if something better is out there (in all aspects of his life) and has insecurities around his job, himself, really everything. I guess it was my turn to be replaced.

I did everything and anything for him

The reason for the break up was that he felt in experienced in relationships and doesn’t know what he wants. We agreed that he can’t get past this feeling with me in the picture, and I could never feel secure without time apart after hearing that.

The breakup was really emotional - he didn’t want to end things because he knew how perfect everything was, but he knew that if we didn’t spend this time apart this insecurity of his might never go away and I might never feel confident. He mentioned that this time apart could make this relationship stronger in the long run. I want to wait for him but I know I can’t because it’s not guaranteed he will come back.

It’s been a week. I miss him so much and I hate how we broke up because of this insecurity. Does anybody have any advice? Will he come back?
My boyfriend and I broke up recently and I want to get back together?
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