Why do men act like you are no one to them after the break up?

My ex and I were best friends for 4 years and then were in a relationship for about 4 years afterwards. He decided to initiate the breakup by saying he wanted to get to a better place "financially". I was understanding and mostly because he wanted to still be friends and told me he felt like we were just putting our relationship on pause because he is crazy about me and constantly told me during our relationship that I was the one. He said he was not ready to date or for any other relationships because he wanted to focus on himself and wanted me to still be in his life. Fast forward to weeks later, he was dating the girl at work he told me not to worry about? To make it worse he downplayed our entire relationship and made it sound like it was "a life experience that he is glad we both went through". I then decided to cut contact, but was constantly bombarded by pictures of him spending money frivolously and going out and doing the opposite of everything he said. Him and his coworker did not last more than 2 weeks, but yet I am so confused by whether the relationship between us meant anything to him or not? Did he just say all of those things to me for no reason over the past 4 years? Was it just another "Experience" for him?
Why do men act like you are no one to them after the break up?
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