I'm falling out of love with my partner, how should I break it to her?

I've been with this wonderful woman for three years. We started dating back in the spring of 2018 and I moved on to her hobby ranch last summer as things were getting kinda nasty in the area I was living in prior. We've gone on vacation together, had many adventures together, and she taught me many things about being a free and sensual woman. Not to mention the sex was always amazing between us and she practically worships my body.

Lately, our relationship has become less of a romance and more of a sugar momma/sugar baby arrangement. After some major blow-ups last fall, we decided to open our relationship and we started seeing others outside of our partnership. She started spending time on the ranch with an ex she was still chummy with and closer to her age, while I started seeing an ex-boyfriend as a friend with benefits.

I've basically fallen back in love with my f. w. b and he admits to feeling the same about me, so we'll likely get back together as an actual couple.

As a result of this, I will lose a lot of the benefits and privileges I enjoy with my current, soon-to-be-ex, lover who's independently wealthy due to her real estate holdings. I'll no longer be living on a little ranch outside of town with tons of privacy, the Caribbean vacations are going to end for now, and I'll more than likely have to give back all the fancy clothes and expensive jewelry she lavished me with. Hell, she even bought me a horse, but I can't stay in a relationship with someone who's bipolar and prone to violent fits that I've grown cold on. She has beaten me before because I was texting people I know before she and I met and she believes I'm her property, which I'm not.

Eventually, I will need to break it to her that I've left her side, but I don't know how without incurring her wrath. I can defend myself, but I want to end this without any kind of violence or shouting matches. How should I go about this? Any suggestions?
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Update: As of today, April and I are no longer a couple.

My man and I rented a U-haul truck last Thursday and Friday, we moved my belongings out of her house and into his while she was "away on business" (likely seeing other lovers). I decided to keep many of the expensive gifts she lavished me with during our relationship, but she can keep the horse.
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On Saturday, I dropped the bomb on her. April returned home from her business trip, likely to find me and my belongings gone from her property. She called me up and demanded to know where I was, I told her to meet me at my workplace that afternoon before the doors were to open because I had something important to tell her.

She arrived at the club around 4 pm that afternoon to find me, my lover, a few of my friends, and some security staffers waiting for her.

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I'm falling out of love with my partner, how should I break it to her?
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