Was it the right thing by give up on her?

We met accidentally and I loved her I feel she did too but she never admit it. Anyway we were happy together but every now n then she did talk about her ex it was disturbing me and hurting my feelings till one day she posted something it was clear message it's for her ex that day I lost my mind on her and we had big argument I told her to not do such a thing again she agreed but again she couldn't leave the damn past alone she was living there her mind was there but she was with me fight after fight we both became distant. I didn't talk her for a week. Then I asked her to sit and talk to save our relationship she refused I told her I don't want to lose you and I want to work on it. We both did hurt each other but she didn't try to save it I asked her again she started to disrespect me I pulled myself from the scene and left her I deleted my social media and everything she have access to contact me. She didn't change and didn't leave the past alone so I had to leave.

Sometimes I think If I did this or that but I did what it takes to save us but wasn't enough and she didn't try.
Was it the right thing by give up on her?
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