Does he still love me?

So I was seeing me ex for 5 years I moved out of his April b4 last so that my daughter who was 18 could sheild as she has chrons n he could stick see his kids. I stayed over his on weekends. Beginning of December last year he calls me n said it ain't working he loves me but he feels single. When I stayed at his my daughter would he anxious n on the phone all the time. He had enough. So we still spoke most days n after a few drinks I'd end up around his often. I was under the impression there was still hope. He started talking to a girl he knew through work but was still talking to Me. If I didn't nessage him he would be messaging me or calling in. Come February thus girl had pushed her way in I found out layer she tried years ago. Anyway I found out in May wen we were in bed n he started crying n saying he'd met someone
I told him I was happy for him she was perfect she could be everything I couldn't. I couldn't go on holidays with him as I run pub n couldn't get cover. I wasn't around for hus kids coz of work she was.. so I kept my distance. But everytime we seen each other we ended up in bed n he would tell me he loved je n couldn't get over me. So I made him take all my photos down. She was practically living there having to look at them every day. I felt sorry for her clearly she knew he wasn't over me but she tried. They ended up bein in isolation together during which time was Mt birthday n he sent ne money. He keeps telling me he's happy with her and in love buy if I make a move he camt say no. Or he does but hus body won't.
Everyone who sees him around me says he clearly still loves me as he can't leave me alone. But for some reason other than he can't see a future between us as my daughter don't like him he won't give it another go. So he's gone fir someone who has the same dreams as him even tho he' still loves me.
Do I avoid him n give him space to work out what he really wants xx
People are telling me they argue all tge time. We only did once
Does he still love me?
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