Will that feeling ever go away?

I gave her attention when she needed it, I gave her care, I talked to her, I listened to her problems, I helped her, I played with her, we showed each other how much we are similar, we promised that we wouldn't leave each other... but in the end it doesn't even matter: I get slapped and she ends it all. Everything that happened is forgotten, and she starts treating me like a stranger, like I never did anything for her, like nothing ever happened between us.

How can someone, after months, just dump you and not even care? I'm only 16, and that was only my first time, but I've already lost all interest in dating in the future. I don't want to go through the sadness and disappointment again. The worst is the time wasted on a person who no longer cares about you. Will that feeling ever go away?
Will that feeling ever go away?
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