How to heal from this?

I always felt as though I was in a relationship that last 3 years but it went by so quickly because I never felt like he treated me right. I would tell him just about daily of how I felt about how I was being treated which he said that I was pushing him away. He would constantly like other women photos some of them in their underwear and some in other clothing. He would make comments about my body shape and/or clothing. He made fun of my hair. He did all of these things but asked me to marry him. I was so caught up that I didn't see all of the abuse until the end. I accepted the proposal but during the engagement the insults got worst and he would even yell at me for expressing myself. So finally I asked him about helping out at my home which he said yes but he would half way complete the tasks. Which left me with a lot of frustration and I eventually had to pay someone to help me. I was disappointed because I was always there for him to when he was unemployed to when he was sick in the hospital just like any significant other would do. But when it was time to be there or help me he just didn't seem interested. I started talking to my family about how I was feeling and even had one family member to talk to us which resulted in him breaking up with me. He not only left me but demanded the engagement ring back as well as all of the other gifts he had given me. I haven't been the same since. He blocked everywhere as I still can't believe this. How can you propose your love and forever to someone but turn around and take it all away?
How to heal from this?
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