Does he have commitment issues from his recent divorce?

I recently reconnected to my ex and just some months before he separated from his wife (forced arranged marriage by the way). I didn’t know he was divorced actually and he was so happy we reconnected randomly and even said “destiny is coming back around” and expressed that he loved me all those years.

He seems to have issues from his arranged marriage, but won’t admit it when asked. I say this because he keeps saying “you don’t understand me fully and we have too many misunderstandings.” When to me it seems like he’s fearful things won’t work out and keeps searching for fault between us. I’m getting really annoyed, but also sense it’s coming from his ex marriage issues. He says he didn’t want to “jump into another relationship”, but he already did the moment he expressed all that great love for me. Yet keeps saying we need full understanding and a base foundation before we go ahead with commitment. It’s very hurtful to me that he’s so messed up and picking on me unnecessarily even though we’ve been in touch for a year…he still says he needs more time. But I’m not waiting for years. Help please
Does he have commitment issues from his recent divorce?
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