Is he hurting or he doesn’t care?

me and my boyfriend of 14 months broke up because of his family issues. i’ve known about the issues the whole relationship and helped him deal with them. i’ve recently went on a trip with my family without him. i was gone for about a week and within that week something happened with his family. he is the second out of 4 boys and is the one that takes care of the younger boys, cleans the house, cooks, and does the responsibilities his mother doesn’t do while his dad works. his mother constantly blames him for the problems with her and his father. when i get back from my trip i rush over to his house where i am happily greeted and we spend the whole day together with no problems. i go to see my sister for a few days and two days later he tells me he wants to break up and that he has to fix his family in order to treat me the way he wants to. we ended the relationship clean and friendly agreeing to be civil with no animosities between us. he told me while we were breaking up that he wants to get better so in the future we can get back together in a better relationship. we go to the same school and we see each other on campus at times. the times we do see each other , he doesn’t acknowledge me. he doesn’t look at me or in my general direction. there has been no communication between us at all either. i’m just wondering if he is affected by this or just doesn’t care?
Is he hurting or he doesn’t care?
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