Relationship advice please?

I dated this guy for three months amazing time he’s a few years younger than me.

I broke up with him because I started catching deep feelings for him and I was afraid that our future wasn’t going to work out because of the age difference.

I broke up with him over text and he didn’t ask why he said :
(Would’ve been better to know earlier cause I finally thought we were getting somewhere. Spent slot time and thought on you and had genuine feelings. But it is what is I can’t force anyone to be in my life or whatever you wanna call it. It was nice knowing you and spending “anytime” I could get with you. I’ll put your gift I got for you infront of your door hopefully you enjoy it. Nice knowing you. Thanks for all the positive movements. )

He texted me he miss me the next day !
today is the 6th day
i miss him and I want a second chance what should I do? should I text him and let him know I miss him? Please no negative responses we didn’t end on bad terms no one hurt each other in a negative way everything was out of pure and genuine intentions !
Relationship advice please?
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