Does love end instantly? or it is a temporary thing?

We were in love together for 2 awesome years. She was my little princess and I was her prince. It was like a poem. We were thinking of marriage in the future. two weeks ago she's gone abroad for study. We were seeing each other via internet and telephone. Everything was like vanilla. We had any problem. And now she says to me that she doesn't love me anymore, she doesn't see me like a boyfriend. that was the last conversation we had and she left me. I want her back, I am dying without her and I suffer her absence.

So how could love end instantly? She says that she had some doubts before and she think of them when she is abroad, when she's alone she had time to think. But we were happy together, we were in love. So I didn't see it coming. Can a girl mask her doubts that much? Because when she's going abroad, before it or after it, she seems to be in love all the time.

I love her. She was in love with me, but not anymore. Her absence hurts. I don't know what to do, what to think.

We had any problem, any fight. We were dream couple between our friends. We build something special and now she left.

How can I accept it?

It is a temporary depression or a final decision? I don't know but I want her back. What to do? I want to wait some time but I don't know if "come back" is a possibility?

I don't contact her now because I think that it would not be a wise attitude. I don't contact neither her friends or her family. So what must I do?

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yesterday, one of our mutual friends told me that the problem was that she doesn't want to marry me, she had fear of marriage and she still loves me but she dumped me because I wanted to marry her.

but I don't understand why she never told me that. I am not a fan of marriage, maybe someday but I am not in rush.

Our friend told me that I must contact her, I am confused. Now, I am in no contact for 8 days. What must I do? Contact her?
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15th day of NC. It's hard. She doesn't call me. She deleted all our photos from her Facebook page as if I did not exist. She's abroad. I try to move on but I am also waiting her.

I loved her to death and would have married her.. Unfortunately, life isn't always fair!
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7 months have passed from the BU day. I stick to the NC. Now, I still love her and miss her but it's easier to bear the pain in the chest. I survived.

I am doing this update because I learnt something that I would rather not know at all. I know now the unofficial reason of the break up: she wants a classy expensive life and she search for a rich man. She changed a lot. The person that I love doesn't exist anymore...

I am sad, but I will survive... NC helped a lot to heal.
Does love end instantly? or it is a temporary thing?
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