Would it be too soon to move in with my boyfriend?

So I graduate college in like 3 days, so it's definitely time for me to start looking for a job in my field (vet tech). Unfortunately the only jobs that actually have openings are around the area my boyfriend lives (and that's an hour and a half from me). Good, because there are openings and because that means there could be a potential for me to live with him. But when I start telling people that if I get one of the two jobs near him, then I would go live with him, because it seemed like a good idea to me, they ask me if I think it's too soon.

Would living with a boyfriend/girlfriend after a few months (we're talking probably 2-3) be a bad idea? I mean, I'm not even sure when exactly I'd move in with him if I were to get a job near him. One of my friends was stressing the fact that it's probably not a good idea because our relationship would be so new and it could possibly destroy our relationship. On the other hand, I am thinking of financially, and also, I do love being with him. I really desperately need a job and it's really slim to none that I will find a job where I am living now cause there will be too many graduates looking for the same kind of job and I'm not trying to compete with them. I also quit my job last week because I was only working 10 hrs a week at minimum wage, so I am in desperate need of a job and I'm willing to take the first job I can get, with how bad this economy is. And if the first place that offers me a job is near my boyfriend, I would feel like I NEED to take it.

There are positions at two different clinics close to my boyfriend. One is 15 mins from him and one is an hour from him. My friend suggested me living on my own but after adding expenses and all that, I'm not so sure I would make enough to be able to do so. If I didn't have my huge car payment, then sure. That'd free up almost $400 a month.

I really don't see how us living together would affect our relationship as it'd almost be how it is now. He travels for his job, so he's gone from Monday to Thursday or so, and we'd be able to spend weekends together still. And as of now, we see each other on weekends and are apart during the week, so I'm not quite sure how that kind of living schedule could possibly ruin our relationship.

Advice? Suggestions? Comments? I'd appreciate it.
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We've been together for 3 months now and we decided after I posted this that it'd be better if I lived on my own first, as I never really got to experience it yet, and someday down the road we'll probably move in together. Probably a year from now.
Would it be too soon to move in with my boyfriend?
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