Is my ex guy friend using our mutual friends to get my attention?

I had a 4 year friendship with a guy that ended badly 3 years go. It wasn't intimate but we were very close and shared a lot with one another. After the friendship ended he didn't take responsibility for the role he played in the demise of our friendship, and I later found out that he led a few our friends to believe that he and I had sex. I was very hurt by the rumors. When I tried to confront him about the rumors he ignored me and we never spoke again.

Recently he joined Facebook after 3 years of no contact with them and started sending requests to all of our mutual friends. Most of our friends accepted the request, which is fine, but I was just shocked at the whole situation because most of our friends supposedly hated him for what he did to me (although I never asked them to choose sides or condoned their behavior) and for ignoring their calls, social invites and being rude from time to time. Also, when he and I were friends he never spoke highly of most of them. In fact, he would advise me to distance myself from them because he felt as though they lacked ambition and were pretty much losers. It was not the case but he became arrogant after finding a better job with another company. I had to constantly defend our friends until he stopped being negative, so I don't believe he's being genuine at this point...he may have changed.

I haven't told my friends what I think about the whole situation because when I asked them to stop giving me updates about his life, immediately they thought I was bitter and jealous which is not the case. I was just tired of everyone asking for my permission to add him, not to mention that I was getting at least 2 texts per day about his update status and how happy he seems with his family etc. I want the best for everyone but I don't care about every detail of their lives. Also, he commented on a status after me which was about 2 weeks old saying something contrary to what I said. I was the only person to comment on our friend's status and after two weeks it just seemed weird that he would comment...everyone thought I took what he said the wrong way so I blocked him to avoid drama.

He knows that I have constant contact with most of the people he’s befriending and trying to keep contact. I truly believe he’s up to no good.


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  • He could be and it sure seems like he was trtimgvtov

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