Should I go for him again or not

Ok so I went out with this guy and I really liked him. and he was really cute and made me feel special and made me feel safe and I really liked him. Then I broke up with him I don't exactly know why I just kinda got nervous and there was this other guy and any way I broke up with him. But now about 2 months after I broke up with him I really miss him and I think he was the best guy I have ever had.

But he was really upset when I broke up with him and now I like him more then ever. Now I really want to go after him again but I'm not sure if he would go out with me again.

any way do you think he would go out with me again and do you think I should go out with him again


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  • If the guy makes you happy then I say go for it. I don’t really know the guy so I couldn’t tell you if he would or not, but it never hurt to try.


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