How to let go after he definately isn't that into you?

He is not that into me. Yes I said it. he is just not that into me. How do guys cope with this. When you like a girl but she is not feeling the same. Its not like I asked him out but he sure is not asking me out or obviously flirting with me. He is a friend of my bro but that doesn't really matter right? if a guy wants you then he goes for it, right?


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  • I'm sorry if you only want dude answers but I'm just going to give my advice. About a year ago I fell madly in love with my best guy friend anyway he found out and it was all a mess and like he put it

    "I like you A LOT, just not in that way". It was crappy and I didn't understand this till a few months after that when I guy who was a friend started crushing on me but despite thinking he's a awesome guy I didn't feel that feeling. So you should know that there's nothing wrong with you, sometimes people just don't click in that way. It may also be more complicated than you think cause of the fact that he's your brothers friend because it does matter. To answer your last question in most cases if he's into you he'll let you know. My advice is to get out there and look at other guys. Force yourself to check other guys out and see if there's any other underlying crushes. He's not the only guy out there and if you just look I'm positive there's another guy around the corner.

    • First of all thank you so much. You are so right about everything you wrote. Your answer helped me a lot! I am going to date other guys. I feel so much better now. thank you ! xoxo

    • It's such a pleasure and I'm happy I could have helped you :) Hugs

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  • How do I cope? I go out and get smashed f***in drunk and dance/ have a good time...lets Crazylegs loose when the right beat comes on!



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