How do you give advice to an awkward guy seeking a relationship?

He mentions to me from time to time about how he'd like a girlfriend but every time he gets close to a girl he ends up being the go-to-guy for help with OTHER boys. I can't give too great help because I live in a different city... but he is a bit awkward, he knows he has a bit of trouble with people, I think part of the reason the above happens is because of that? But at the same time I just think it's the girls he meets. I tell him to wait it out, be casual, sit by new people... it just gets redundant..


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  • what about you? do you like him?

    if not, well tell him to do things that would make you like him. like for example if you would be interested in him if he worked out, or played an instrument. tell him that he should do those things

    • tell to STOP playing his instrument

    • i meant A musical instrument... not his instrument. but tell him to stop reading books if that's what he's doing... then he will get the urge to want girls more lol

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