Why would you tell someone your talks are boring (then) a year later say you never lost feelings for them?

How can you have feelings for someone who you didn't like taking to?


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  • He forgot. And he's probably lonely/horny.

    • you think he forgot he said that? Hmm. I guess I should've reminded him. he said he never lost feelings for me and he 'wanted' to tell me how he felt before I left, (year ago)& that he tried to - but I wouldn't talk to him.. he thought I just didn't like him.

      ( Thing is We did 'talk' . While he DID say I 'ignored' him -- he also said we had 'mundane' conversations... Yea I don't think id forget saying that someone)

    • He didn't only forget that he said that. I believe that he completely forgot that he found you boring way back when you two were dating,

      All bullsh*t aside - because it really doesn't matter- actions speak louder than words. He might be waxing nostalgic right now, but if he's not asking you out again, that's all he's doing.

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