You know s/he would be trouble, but do you still have a go anyway?

I knew when I met this girl a while back that I could easily fall for her and I also knew in the back of my mind I was getting myself into trouble. We slept together on the first date and that sent alarm bells ringing...She was out of my league, gorgeous, smart, outgoing and naughty...and part of me knew something wasn't right..

Just wondered if anyone else had a premonition about how bad s/he would be for you, even before you really knew the person? I knew she would be trouble, but I went for it anyway and got badly burnt.

NB. We never worked out, so I ended it because she wouldn't commit to me.


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  • Why do you think she'll be trouble?

    • I'm not sure about you, but sometimes someone comes along that literally blows you away...and you know that you could love them. In the back of my mind there was this voice saying something isn't right...I'm a proud guy, but this girl was out of my league, seriously...I always thought to myself why is she with me? I'm an attractive guy, I get allot of attention from girls, but she was too good for me...and deserved better. I knew she would never love me as much as I did her right from day one

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    • Really? That's really cool! What is she famous for? What's her name? (:

    • Well, I'd rather not say, because she might google herself and see this. I don't want her to know I still have feelings for her - she just got in touch recently telling me she wasn't playing games and wishing me well - I ignored her because I know I'm wasting my time. I told her just before I broke up with her that I loved her and she pretty much told me it was nothing to do with her!? I was broken, but then the next day she's like 'I want you in my life, it just won't work right now'. :(

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