Ex keeps pictures of us on her Facebook?

So my ex dumped me a few months back and has since moved on and has a new boyfriend, but my question is- why does she still have pictures of us on her Facebook? Like everything from baseball games we went to, and random nights out. I don't get it. Plus I've previously posted that she's been showing up recently where I am with her new bf.

If I was dating a girl, I wouldn't be all about her having her ex all over her Facebook with her.


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  • They need those pictures to make it look like they are very fun people. Isn't that what FB is about, marketing yourself with pictures? Let's say she did something really interesting with a guy, like skydiving. Then that guy murdered her entire family. Would she take down the skydiving pics she took with him? Not a chance! :)

    • i get your point but I think anyone would take down pictures WITH him skydiving...maybe not individual ones of herself...but I mean...murdering your entire family...lol

    • All her pictures are us together. Like drinking together and St. Patricks day and at a baseball game together. It's not just me, it's her and I together!

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  • I just had to read the title to know why.

    My friend is exactly like that girl she kept the pictures of her and her ex!

    The reason why she kept them is because;

    1)They were good memories

    2)She wasn't over the guy ...

    • Ya I figured she's not over me. I mean she takes her new boyfriend out to the places I go too so I see them together. She's pretending she's happy and she definitely isn't.

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    • Awesome! How old are you?

    • 16 :-)

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  • mate don't worry >>>>>i think you are still not over her ...keep it said relax ...let her do what ever she want ...chill have fun ...if she is making you jealous or irrated dony react so ...give a pleasent smile and move on ...when you are scolding a person , and he does not responding you ll feel little in front of him right ...u the reverse psycology mate

    take care

    all the best

  • why not?


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