I'm moved out, so they all move in?!

I've recently broken up with this guy and I tell all my friends how much I hate him which I really do, because of reasons, not just like that because that would be an invalid reason.

I'm not in any classes with that guy but my friends are,

when I was going out with this guy my friend 'Sammy'

used to update me on what he was doing during class, because he's a known flirt, I thought I'd have my friend helping me out.

Now I'm not with him, but she still updates me with stuff it's become a habit...

today she told me how her and some friends were getting quizzed by the guy on what house number the guy lived in America! in order to get a sweet, so they were playing along... even my friend who apparently 'likes *P*' (P is a guy she's on and off with)

I was thinking it felt like as soon as I dropped out and stopped talking to him everyone else has become close and started speaking to him a lot..

he used to talk to me about America, I do miss our conversations about America, but I mean why?!

Why are they all moving in?! It's like they all talk to him on purpose.


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  • It's just something that happens don't worth about it much


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