Wish ex would stop contacting me, advice?

My ex of a year and a half broke up with me after I cheated on her. We both worked in nightlife and we were both young. She 20 , I 21.

We lived together for almost a year and things starting getting rough when it came to money. So everything else starting getting rough =/. Any ways I did what I did and obviously I'm remorseful. I did everything for her and she did I. Minus staying faithful that time. She told me she couldn't take it anymore and that she couldn't trust me. I told her I needed to move out and get back on my own 2 feet and figure out what was going on as did she. Its been close to 4 months now and our break up was really nuts. Like BAD. Drama, everyone knew our business, bad alcohol experiences mixed with emotions just bad all over. Now I told her I was sorry and I would do anything to have her back. She said we should be friends and start over from there. I don't agree with this, I have friends. I want my lady back, all she does now is go on party mode with her GF"S which I can't down because I do the same thing with my people. Its just she'll contact me to ask me how I'm doing or if I'm OK and what not and I've told her. "Listen I don't need this from you". If we aren't working on anything or getting back together please stop". She said she would love nothing more than to have me again but she's an emotional/trustless wreck and would be the worst girlfriend ever. She said I don't understand and that she can't handle a boyfriend now. That she wants to hangout and chill but always finds excuses to do other things. I've done No Contact at first to try and get her back but in the end it turned into me trying to move on and just realize I f***ed up but at this point that's irrelevant she's the one that got away. I just wish she would stop contacting me. I DON'T want to be an a**hole I love her but this is re-opening scars every time. I by no means am holding myself back from meeting people and hooking up and I would expect nothing less from her. We are human after all and we are all fallible. I just need another view that's not in my circle or hers, Thank you ladies.


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  • Sounds like you both going your separate ways is definitely the best plan. If it's that hard to hear from her then consider changing your phone number, email, etc to permanently remove her from your life. Or, if you feel up to it, just tell her you don't want to hear from her anymore.


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