How can I get over this horrible break up asap?

I just got cheated on and I have these random break downs I hate what my boyfriend did to me and I want to get over him as soon as possible please help me I don't know what to do.


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  • I think that what "distant" meant to say was "move on by not hating him anymore." But then you're probably asking, how do I do this? I would suggest you find emotional support from your closest friends and do things that will help you recover faster, such as going out with the girls.

  • Time will heal this wound. When you accept that he cheated on you instead of "hating it", you'll begin the process of healing. Indifference is key.

    • how can I accept that he cheated on me ugh he screwed me over badly

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    • ok ill try my best but why do I miss him why do I want him back?

    • Because you were the one that got the worst end of the break-up. He cheated on YOU. You're probably thinking. "What did I do?", "Why didn't I see all the signs?", "Why would he cheat?", "Didn't I give him enough?", "Wasn't I a great GF?", etc. You're probably blaming yourself. That's not the right mentality. Remember that you're great, he's trash and it's his loss. Find someone better :)

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