My ex makes no sense?

My ex broke up with me a month and half ago now after 2 year relationship, after 2 weeks of being broken up I deleted her off face book because I had enough, she was absolutely fuming about this,then she texts me asking why I deleted her, then I find out a week later she been seeing a guy since we broke up, then since we are now friends on face book again, she has me as a friend on face book but restricts what I can see of her page but she can see mine, why would she be annoyed I deleted her then be friends again but restrict what I can see whilst she is seeing some other lad? This doesn't make any sense to me


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  • First off. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL TALKING TO HER? She left you for another guy and has you strung along like a puppet. You are her play thing and she is laughing her ass off because you are completing her life in the way she wants. She gets attention and entertainmen from you on her terms, and she gets to enjoy the guy she is having sex with. This is traditional woman selfish behavior and as a nice guy you are falling for it, hard.

    Second YOU are letting her do this to you. She landed a guilt trip and it worked. The question you have to ask yourself is, HOW THE HELL THAT HAPPEN? She is your EX, you have no obligation to her. If you think that communicating with her was a way to get her back you are sadly mistaken. SHE HAS SOMEONE ELSE. That tells you everything you need to know and you should move on. She KNOWS how you feel about her and she is laughing her ass off because you still care.

    By staying in touch with her and/or letting her get her way it does a couple of things. One, it helps her "swim to shore" while you drown in your feelings. Two, it tells everyone that the main thing you and your ex have in common is that neither you or her have any respect for YOU. You should have has the ball enough to stay out of contact with her. The fun thing about that is you don't have to tell her, just erase her and move on.

    Wake up. She is your EX. She had this other guy around BEFORE she broke up with you trust me, it's what they do. You are NOT friends, so stop pretending to be. Get your balls and your self respect back. You can only live with dignity you can't die with it, and this is killing you slowly. Move forward, enjoy life, go out and get girls, and never let this happen to you again.

  • I know exactly why... She's bullsh*t!

    Just delete her and save your brain some pain. She sounds like a headache just listening to what you're been talking about. I couldn't deal with her at all. It would give me hives and cold sweats. Just forget about her and put her in the "delete" bin and save your life some misery. She doesn't sound worth the effort either if she was f*cking around on you when you guys were going out. Why give your life pain and stress and keep her in it?

    Do us both a favor and get her out of it, because the more I think about it the more it's making me angry and stressing me out. GOD... AAAHHH GET HER OUT GET HER OUT AAAHHHHH OMG this is annoying me...

    LOL. I hope you got the hint.


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