Boys- what's your description of the perfect girl?

detail please. wonderin if I fit the bill of being perfect for anyone... ;)


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  • Well, "under 18" immediately disqualifies you from contention in my book (heartbreaking for you I'm sure), but otherwise I'm looking for a girl who has a good sense of humor, is active (preferably a runner), and gets along with my friends. It also wouldn't hurt if she liked hockey and craft beer. Looks aren't everything, but I'm not going to complain if she has them. If she's rude and/or judgmental then she's out. I also can't stand jealousy. I understand most people get jealous from time to time so I'll tolerate it within reason but after a certain point the girl just isn't worth the drama.

    • haha! (not so much) but good taste otherwise.

    • Whatever, don't even act like you aren't into my hot muscles link

    • dude, even if you got sum bad taste, you hilarious! I almost peed maself laughin!

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  • The perfect girls to me is, a some what tall girl with long black hair and dark brown eyes. Skinny, but doesn't look anorexic. She needs to have allot of stuff in common with me and is genuwinly nice to every one and every thing. :)

    a good sense of hummer and has some fears (so I can comfort her). Likes to try new things and meet new people. Loves to spend time together, just me and her :).

    • hmmm... could you substatute black hair for blonde?

  • alright tyen. cute. smart. not too outgoing, but not introverted. preferably an athlete, but doesn't have to be- as long as she's willing to be outdoors. um yeah. xD. a sense of humor is also a good thing lmao.

    • kool. I no a good grl 4 u.

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    • not totally perfect then xD. probably too outgoing. lmao. back to forever...

    • haha!

  • "Well, "under 18" immediately disqualifies you from contention in my book "

    - Beer me

    If you were older, I'm 9.99999999999/10 it's not you.

    Anyway, for +3...

    *Perfect girl)


    Natural hair (No Weaves)

    Not too big

    punk rock with a pinch of nerd

    we have 2/3 things in common.

    • haha! that's a nice thing to say! (sarcastic face) but she does sound pritty.

  • A cute, sensible girl that shares my interests = Perfect.

    • huh... kool. but... define cute.

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    • A long time ago when I was more shy, I would imagine what a conversation might go like before having one but I stopped doing it years ago when conversations became more effortless.

    • koolio. I do it when I thought of a bettr thing to say in that sich, and stuff like that.

  • Looks good, loves the outdoors, funny, laid back, enjoys the little things, she's artsy, and she's athletic.

    • kool. I keep finding guys actually care more bout personality then looks. I'm surprised.

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    • Why I listed looks first

    • ok.

  • The almost perfect girl would be one were she makes you feel good and brings out the best in you.

    • thats probably the best comment I've herd yet. that's sweet.

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