How can I find someone to depend on?

It isn't that I don't have friends. I have a small few. But they aren't the kind I can share things with. I can say, "I'm worried about my classes." or "My parents are being mean."

But I can't ask for a hug. Or call at night wanting to be consoled. Or someone I can cry in front of. Someone who can cheer me up. Currently, I only have 1 friend online. They are too young to really support me. The one person who supported me and I tried to support left...

I'm not lonely. I just feel like I'm at the age where I should have someone to rely on. (I'm 20 and living on campus @ my uni, if it makes any difference)

Is it wrong for me to even seek this? Would it be using someone?


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  • As long as you fulfill the needs of another person (it can be anything, not just sexual you know) then no, you're not using anyone.

  • I can relate to this like you have no idea...f***ing sucks.

    Is it wrong for me to even seek this? No

    Would it be using someone? No


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