Is it good ex wants to talk after a fight/breakup?

We had a fight and I left him because he said he didn't want to be with me for awhile now. I recently apologized and he said he was at work and he will call me when he gets a day off and I'm not sure whether to dread it or if I should be happy.


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  • yes it's a great thing he want to talk after a fight. it shows that he wants to at least open to some civil .. communication of some sort.

    • Well that's good, but I was hoping for something more...I'm trying so hard not to expect anything...

    • yeah, it can be scary, that 'after fight talk'. but really. be happy this is happening. like I said earlier, at leasrt he's open to some communication. maybe you two could work things out and all.

    • True...Isn't it odd that he wants to talk so soon? Normally when I want to break up with someone, I just stop talking to them for months until I feel better about it...Then again there are things that go either way lol I guess I need to just wait lol

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