I need your help edition1: was he flirting or am I delusional?

So it wasn't long ago when I met this guy, but I'd say about two weeks. We go to the same college and knew a couple of the same people. Anyway, when we met, he was aloof and mellow (the way I like em :D ) it wasn't a "formal meeting", just a casual conversation with the mutual friends.

After that, he came over to my table in the cafeteria, mind you I was sitting alone. We got to talking for a short while until one of our friends( my now ex-friend) came over and I told him I had to leave for my next class, when in reality I left because of her.

Since then, I saw him in the library and he did a double take, I waved 'Hi' and he did the same, but his eyes were pretty glued on me for a min or two. Later on I went to eat lunch and after awhile he walked in and sat down with me. I was happy he did because he didn't take it personal that I left so aruptly.

We carried on a conversation, he was casual and I was as well. He seemed to be alert at the minor things guys wouldn't care about. He complimented my phone when it's just a basic one, he compliemented my lunch bag when it's all "girli-fied". During our conversation, he accidently spit a bit on my bookbag and looked pretty embarassed and I told him, it was alright..he then smiled.

When I told him I had to leave for my class, he said..."aww...no...don't go. I'm gonna be here all by myself..well, since." Which was pretty cute. Am I thinking too soon about this or what?


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  • It seems like he was flirting go ahead and flirtvback


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