I think I'm falling for him again!!! What now?

the guy I liked last year broke my heart a lot but for some reason I jst can't get over him, and I'm kinda starting to fall for him again but I'm being the strongest I can, because I don't wanna fall for him again, because I went through torture last year, but like I said there's just some reason that I can't get over him... please help me, I would really appreciate it thanks


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  • Stay away. I know it's hard but unless you want to go through the pain again, STAY AWAY. have NO contact with him. Nothing Zero! It's tough but you can do it. The trick is to NOT do what your doing now, no matter how much you may want it. When you really get passed it, you will see how wrong the guy was for you. When I think back at my ex's now. All I can say is Ewwww! WTF was I thinking.

    Go out have fun keep busy. If you have to cry it's OK do it. What ever it takes. Just stay away.

    This person hurt you before and if you let them in they will hurt you again. Don't fall for it.

    Stay strong you will be fine and soon you will be ready for a nice man to come into your life. Trust me you will forget about what's he's face!


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