Does it seem you meet people of the same name?

Maybe I'm just reading too far into this, or maybe I should stop dating people with popular names, but since my first ex (Sarah), I've met 3 people with the name "Sarah", including alternate spellings. It's been nearly two years since that relationship.

Now, it's only been a month and a half since my relationship with Katie, but I've met 4 people with that name in some variation since, and my mum wants to introduce me to a fifth.

1) This does not help the "moving on" process one God damned bit.

2) Does this happen to anyone else? It just seems like everywhere I go, the name is there. At least, with this previous relationship.

Thoughts? Comments? Am I just going crazy? Am I reading too far into things? Does this happen to you? Or anyone you know? Would you wish it on your worst enemy? On your ex?

Sorry... Rambling... I don't expect you to answer all of those...

Just wondering, though.



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  • Haha this is actually funny for me because while I have not dated girls with the same name the past three girls all had weird names because two of them were from Germany. Ironically my favorite name for a girl is sarah(princess). But anyway to answer your question al these recurrences in names has to do with synchronicity which is a fascinating topic which I read about years ago. Synchronicity was a subject Carl Jung wrote about extensively. Its kind of how all life events fall into place and sort of tells you you are on the right path in life and that the mental thinking manifests the physical like all of a sudden thinking of your favorite restaurant to eat and then you sit down and turn on the TV and its a commercial for that very restaurant you were thinking of and your like geez that's unccanny that's a basic example I have had some really really freaky ones in my lifetime. Or once I was driving on the Highway and was really upset after losing my wallett and a car pulled in front of mon the highway right then and the license plate said RELAX.

    but anyway I suggest renting the movie serendipity if you have not seen it with kate becinsale and john cusack which is a movie about that and incidentally the main girl character who beckinsale plays is "Sarah" and its all about synchronicity and the thing you are talking about. It's a true reality and revelation I suggest picking up the movie...its a wonderful movie nevertheless.

    • Thanks, I'll look it up. I (go figure) met another Katie tonight, bringing my personal number to 5 since the relationship, but adding on my friend's buddy's girlfriend, whose name is also Katie, and the Katie my mom wants me to meet, that makes 7, which I understand to be a fairly lucky number, but I'm tired of it... I just want to meet the one without thinking about her at all...

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  • Oddly enough, that has happened to me, too. After the break up, I met a guy with the same name. He started flirting with me, and I did like him...but I think it would have been too weird to date another guy with that name so soon. All I could think about was my ex because of the name thing, so it wouldn't have been fair to the guy. Then I met a few more guys with the same name. Weird.

    • Isn't it, though? I just don't get it... I can't seem to wrap my mind around the possibility that it's all just completely random... And now I'm watching Serendipity like Krisskiss suggested (and ironic too that you answer meanwhile though it's been a few days), and it's like watching a mirror of my own life in a way, except that I'm not actively searching for my ex lol though that would be in a few years, following the plot... I just don't get it...

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    • Same thing regarding the song lol that's all I'm sayin' though, it's just weird... And I see all these little hints, like the universe doesn't want me to enter the military or something like that and get out of town, but it's like, really now... Enough is enough.

    • Haha, I know what you mean.

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