What are mind games in a relationship?

what type of mind games usually men plays? and women?

What are mind games in a relationship?


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  • The only real mind games I know of are done more during the courting process than the relationship process. Once a relationship has progressed beyond the honeymoon phase (which ends anywhere from a couple months to a year into the relationship) all games tend to stop completely.

    Mind games are basically attempts to manipulate the other person using indirect means. It's usually done when trying to win the other person over in the beginning and cement yourself into their mind as "the one."

    Examples of mind games women play:

    Playing "hard to get." Women will either initially reject a guy who has expressed interest or just try to lead him on a chase by feigning disinterest or deliberately sending mixed signals. They do it for a number of reasons: They do it because they think only a guy who is truly interested and not just a player will chase. They do it because they think guys will stick around for longer if they have to work harder to get you. They do it because they think men enjoy "the thrill of the chase." This one in particular ends up blowing up in the girl's face 90% of the time because the only men who really DO end up actually chasing are players or men who are very clingy and have little to no self respect. Also men are notorious for not being able to read body language/hints well which means mixed signals aren't usually interpreted right, and playing hard to get depends on that.

    Examples of games men play:

    The "three day" rule. When a guy gets a phone number, he will often typically wait a period of 3 days minimum to 1 week maximum before he actually contacts her. He deliberately does this because by not contacting her immediately he is stating that he is neither desperate nor clingy and makes it appear that he has an active/busy enough life.

    • Thanks for BA. Hope I helped.

    • In general mind games are a bad idea for both genders because it basically ensures the relationship will never evolve past being a short-term "just for fun" fling. Real relationships that are going to last are built on a foundation of trust and respect from the beginning and for that to happen both people need to be up front from day 1 and not play games. This is a lesson most people learn the hard way in their teens and early 20s.

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  • From what I've noticed, doing or saying things just to see what the other person will do. And being manipulative.

  • Mindgame is anything that misleads you and gives you the wrong idea about your partner or the relationship you're in!


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