My ex has been contacting me ever night...

So my ex and I have been split for a week exactly and I had messaged him 3 days after cause we had no contact to return his stuff, and we kinda agreed to remain friends and see what happens later on.. Then the next day I found out I was pregnant and I was told to let him know, so we talked about it and decided we would "take care of the situation" and he would be there for me. Then Thursday night he is messaging me telling me he wants me to move to his home town with him so we can raise our family and saying all this stuff even to he left me because he wasn;t in it anymore, and he was really confusing me and I had said you won't be able to deal with me for the rest of your life, then in the morning he says ya your right blah blah and we left it alone. Then LAST NIGHT he calls me two times, I did not answer because I was sleeping, so I texted him this morning say why did you call me 2 times last night are you ok? And he says ya I'm just wanted to tell you about my redic night.. So I'm curious he's only txting me at night when he has been drinking, and either it's because he's to shy or nervous to text me when He's sober so uses when he's drunk to connect with me, or he's just playing mind games and because he can't find anyone else to take home he's contacting me. Please help.


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  • Maybe he needs to grow a pair and stop wasting money on the drinks? Maybe he is confused just like you because bringing a child in to this world is a life changer. No matter how you look at him, there is a third party that is going to only need and maybe he can only contact you at night because he lacks the confidence to stay by ya side during this period

    • thats the thing he's gunna be there for me to take care of the situation.. if you know what I mean and he's being supportive of my desision, but he has been contacting me everyday! and ussualy it's been at night when he was like sh*t faced, but now yesterday he messaged me just asking where certain places where and seeing what I was doing... idunno what he's trying to do, he says were "good friends" but it seems like he's intrested in more...

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