How can I get this girl to cheat on her bf?

There is this woman I am in love with she is the most beautiful thing ever. I like her and I can tell she likes me too for sure. She has a boyfriend who lives far away and she won't be seeing him for some time. When I first mentioned her and we flirted and she told me her life story she never mentioned she had a boyfriend which I took as a signal she liked me. She later on like a week later mentioned she had one which confused me. But how can I have her give in to my advances--how should I do it excessive flattery or what. I'm not trying to sound cocky but I know she wants me. Her body language screams take me, but she often likes to remind me she has a boyfriend when I'm around--she knows I like her via mutual friends. But on one or two occasions recently she got extremely annoyed by me for something stupid and was raising her voice at me and scolding me. So I figure if a girl shows that much angry emotion to me over nothing then she has feelings for me even though she won't admit it. And she has cursed at me too for teasing her. Advice girls.


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  • So many questions, so little time.

    1. Thank you for not asking this anonymously. Very manly of you.

    2. You do not want to "get" her to cheat. Why would you want a cheater in the first place? If she'd cheat on him, she'd cheat on you. You know what they say, one a cheater, always a cheater. It's true, once you cheat, you find it very easy to cheat. So, you don't want that.

    3. Just to clarify, girls/women aren't "things." We are people, but I'm glad you think she's beautiful.

    4. You may have something going here, she may be attracted to you. She is spending time with you, she opens up to you. Please don't blow it by trying to "trick" her into cheating. She may change her mind about you being a good man.

    5. She got extremely annoyed at you for good reasons, she had them, you just didn't know them or "get" them. See item 6, it may lend some explanation.

    6. You may be reading her wrong. You say that her body language "screams take me." However, it could be possible that you are just wishful thinking. After all, she does remind you that she has a boyfriend. She does that because she has real feelings for him. Plz don't read something in that may not be there. You will only get hurt.

    7. There are 2 possible outcomes here. Good new & bad news:

    Bad news: she has real feelings for her boyfrd. & has no intention of breaking up with him or being unfaithful to him. She is just using you for company & a distraction. You will only get hurt.

    Good news: She's going to get tired of this long distance relationship & break up with him. Why? Because you are going to step up what you are doing. No, you're not going to get her to cheat. In fact, you make no advances on her. You even turn her down unless she breaks up with him. So you don't get put in the friend zone or cheating stuff. let her know you want more than friendship & you really like her, but the bfd must be gone. Court her. Girls like it. Flowers, etc.

    If you are right , she does like you. Remember, girls get lonely too, but it's more emotional loniness. Long distance sucks.

    Good luck. You have a good shot at this.

    • thansk good advice well she is only over in this country briefyly and is going back to europe soon where she lives and where her boyfriend is at so it is kinna different. but good answers nonetheless

    • Oh, man! Why didn't you say so? I'd just chalk this one up to a big, bad lust-crush & move on. It isn't worth the effort or the hurt on either of your hearts. Good luck finding the "L" word. :D

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  • You don't love her. You lust after her.

    If you love her, you won't try to coerce her into a heinous act that will only bring shame upon her.

    In short, you dn't do it. You only do this to a woman if you really, really loathe BOTH her and her boyfriend. If you hate them that much, then seduce her. Until then, man up and wait for her to be single, tell her your feelings and ask her to choose, or love her from afar.

    • correction. I love her. I reached a point in my life where I know the difference between love and lust.

    • Then you haven't reached the point in your life where you've figured out self-worth and dignity because you're trying to hurt her and trying to hurt her boyfriend. Even if you're the best thing ever for her, you're still hurting her in the process.

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  • Suppose she did end up cheating on her boyfriend and shacking up with you. Who's to say she wouldn't cheat on YOU somewhere down the line? After all, the precedent would be set that she'd be capable of cheating when it suits her...

  • You don't love her. You're just lusting for her.

    I'd suggest to just stop contact with her. If she were to leave him/cheat on him, you'd just end up hurting her because of your current intentions.

  • Bro you a dog stop...if she REALLY wanted you she would break up with her boyfriend and f*** you


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