Why would my boyfriend always think that am cheating on him?

We met through an online dating site. The first month he would visit me once a week until he stopped for almost 4 weeks now... He would still communicate though but just to give me a reply after texting him so I decided to give him space. But after 4 days of not contacting him he texted me and asking me if I met a new man and he still loves me even if am cheating...He said his friend tried to talk to me on the same site and that I flirted with him..He would always tell me that am so sexy and that a lot of guys would be chasing me.. So I started becoming sweet to him again but would always give him space because we used to argue a lot because of my being a Drama Queen according to him...After not talking to him only for a day..He again texted me at around 3am asking me this time who am I sleeping with and at the same time tells me how much he misses and loves me...HELP! I love him so much and none of his allegations were true but am confused...


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  • Honestly, In most situations. I found my bfs at the time were cheating on me so they were guilty and had the feeling like I was doing it to them. Or ask him...what do you want? I can be clingy or I can back off and let you text me? I'm not cheating on you so calm down.


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