Could he have been scared into breaking up after almost 2 years?

We've been exclusive for almost 2 years and out of the blue he decided he wanted to be friends. No he wants to be best friends. I've been tossing this around and the only thing that may have happened to change things is I had a pregnancy scare last week. I'm never late, but last month I was and the pregnancy test was negative (YEAH, too young to have a kid). We seemed OK for a little while and then he decided we should be best friends.

Guys, could this have been what caused the change of heart or why he took a turn from our relationship? Girls, have you had this happen to you. I want him back and do not know what to do. He is not being a great best friend lately. I only heard from him twice in the last 5 days. Helllllllllppppppp


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think the pregnancy scare could had played a role in him not wanting to be with you. It could had scared hi and made him very nervous. Maybe it could had been another reason. Like maybe he just got tired and wanted to see what else is out their. I think you should ask him though to find out why he didn't want to be with you no more. Their has to be a reason and I think he owes you that much.


What Girls Said 1

  • its funny how I keep seeing questions where the 2 year mark is boyfriend and I had an amazing relationship for 2 years like incredible! Out of nowhere yesterday he asked for space and said he knows he loves me but not sure if he could continue this relationship right now and needs to sorts his thoughts out...I am in shock, so is his family and friends...idk what in the world happened...any update on your story?


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