Is there any hope left for a second chance with this guy?

So we were together 5months and broke up debt lack of seeing one another, but the feelings were still there. I thought I was over him but then I saw him a week ago, and felt this odd chemistry with him.

But the only thing is that a few nights ago I smoked for the first time, got high, and shot gunned with his best friend because I thought his friend was asking if I wanted to with him, but then he was leaning in and I went with it anyway.

I talked with his friend and he said that the guy I liked was cool with it, but ultra jealous.

Have I permanently screwed up any second chances?


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  • I think you still have a chance, the only thing you did is make more aware of his feelings for u, as long as you didn't do anything with his friend besides the shot gun I think your still good


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