What should my next move be?

So I've liked this guy fir a long time. We see each other a lot and I'm pretty sure he likes me back. I caught him staring at me when I was with another guy and we have talked a few times. It wasn't big convos, just cracking jokes and a few "hi"s. I was talking to his best friends, and they both asked me who I like. I said it's obvious and they guessed their friend. I kinda laughed and said no but then they were all like "he was just telling us how he knows that you like him, and you should tell him that you like him because he MIGHT like you back." I'm all like no, I don't like him. But that was a total lie because the only way I can get him off my mind is if I play some type of sport. So does them saying he might like me mean that he really does? And if it does, what should my next move be? Thanks in advance! :)

Um I would like to go out with him or at least tell him I like him


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  • well what do you want? to get to know this guy? a relationship? not up for anything right now?

    • Well I would like to tell him that I like him or at least tell his friends but I don't know how to tell him because I don't know if he likes me back and If I tell him I'm hoping we'll go out. :)

    • To tell him I like him or to go out with him

    • I've never been one for telling people I like them, I'd just suggest going to a movie or something and see how he reacts with hanging out just the two of you.

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